Thursday, May 20, 2010

WW Success

Today I went to my third WW meeting. I was a little nervous because I knew I probably didn't do as well as I did last week, but I've lost a total of 4.4lbs. I'm glad I'm still going in the right direction. I was surfing the web for helpful tips or recipes and I found one guy who had lost over 75 lbs on WW and he had listed all his helpful hints. One tip that really gave me a different perspective on something I feel like I struggle with is...
Proud to be Hungry
This tip is kind of philosophical. There will be times (perhaps many times) that you will be hungry. Instead of exceeding your points and eating something, wear your hunger as a badge of honor. The hunger you feel lets you know that the program is working. I’d be surprised if you can go around feeling full all the time and still lose weight. However, this should be the exception rather than the rule.

I need a pin or t-shirt that says "Proud to be Hungry". Ha!!

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Becky said...

You are doing great!