Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Michigan Vacation pt5

Thursday we went to The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. I'm a history buff so I thought this was awesome. This museum has all kinds of things from throughout American History, it's really pretty incredible. I can say that we all enjoyed it.
Liv & Parker is front of the Wiener Mobile

One of the first milk trucks...my Pepaw was a "milk man"

The kids playing in the giant foosball game


I think this is SO funny...Easton is doing a bomb drill from the 1950s


Anyone remember this stuff?

Parker relating Modern Warfare with things of the past...

Yes, that's Easton & Liv in 'jail'

Proof that Livie hugged Parker...so sweet

Livie in front of the 'Cinderella Carriage'

This is the actual car President Kennedy was shot in. The top was put on afterward and several other Presidents still used this car.

We took so many pictures this day...it was really a lot of fun!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

We were shown these videos on YouTube just this past Sunday and ironically The Today Show had a story on it the same week. Get ready to laugh...too funny!! For both entire videos go to YouTube and watch the actual news story first and then the video made from it. GOOD STUFF!!!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Michigan Vacation pt4

Wednesday was a trip into Detroit, it's about an hour and a half drive from East Lansing. Ken and Coeta were awesome to get us tickets to a Detroit Tigers game; they were playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This was Easton and Liv's first experience to a MLB game. It was supposed to rain that day so before the rain came it was extremely hot and muggy! It didn't start raining until about the 7th inning so we were able to see most of the game! Their stadium is fairly new so that was cool to see! Afterward, we drove about 10 minutes to Canada. First time our kids went out of the country, I think they were a little fearful they wouldn't be allowed back in the US...hehe!! We went through a tunnel that ran under the river and it was a little strange. Ken said it actually went under the ground under the river. Windsor, Canada really doesn't have much to see but that's where Uncle Ken is from so we had a great tour guide. He told us a few mobster stories, too cool! We took a few pics and went to the only 'trinkets & trash' store in Windsor. We all brought home a little piece of Canada!!
Grandma, Livie & Easton enjoying some ball game food!

Papa Gary, Parker & Phil

Coeta & Ken...they sat a few rows behind us!

Welcome to Comerica Park

YAY Livie!! One of the Rays coach threw her a ball!!

The kids looking across the river to Detroit from the Canadian side.

Phil and I with Detroit in the background.

What do you guys see??

Great pic of the kids under the flags.

The Gang, minus Coeta

Well, that wraps up another day from our vaca...hope you're enjoying the pics! Only a couple more days left!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bible Study Magazine

I wanted to share with you something I just happened to run across while surfing the internet. It's a Bible Study Magazine that you can subscribe to, 6 issues for 1 year. I got my first issue in the mail last Friday and I'm very excited about it. I hope it will be a great tool for me to be more consistent with my daily studies. Something this awesome I just couldn't keep to myself. Check it out!!
This was the first issue I got. Can't beat Beth Moore.

Michigan Vacation pt3

Tuesday we all packed into the Expedition...seriously, we PACKED in!! HA!! And headed west to the beach at Grand Haven. This was a cute little vacation town with fun shops, restaurants, and great beaches. I know, you probably don't think 'beach' when you think of Michigan but they have beautiful beaches. Grand Haven would be the perfect place to have a summer home...one day. If you ask, Livie will tell you this was her favorite day! She is definitely a beach bum.

We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours then headed to town to eat and check out a few shops. I think we could have enjoyed more time here but at least we got a taste.
Parker working on his sand castle

Parker what are you building??

I loved watching Liv jump off of Uncle Ken's shoulders...probably almost as much as she enjoyed doing it

Easton, what are you doing?

We were highly entertained watching these birds ransack these peoples things!!

Phil, Livie, Ken & Coeta

Just a cute pic of Liv playing on the rocks

The lighthouse pier

We have so many more pics but I narrowed it down. It was a good day!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michigan Vacation pt2

Monday we all loaded up and went to Frankenmuth, which is a little German town in Michigan. They have a Christmas store called Bronners, it's known as the World's Largest Christmas Store...and it's pretty big!! Whew! We spent over an hour there then headed into town to eat at Zehnder's. Oh wow, is the food ever good there!! It's German style food fed family style. They bring out huge plates of food that's unlimited! It is SO good! Uncle Ken told us about the last time he ate there...ate so much he was sick afterward. That's not that hard of a thing to do! Luckily we were able to walk some of it off at a huge outlet mall in Birch Run on our way home. One can never get too much shopping in!!
Walking into Bronner's

The kids standing in front of a Gingerbread House

Phil and the boys couldn't resist the giant Christmas balls

Okay, so I feel this is the best time as any to talk about the pets. They were definitely a huge highlight to the trip. The kids had heard about them for a long time and have been asking to visit Ken and Coeta in Michigan. They were very excited when we told them that's where we were going on vacation this year. They have four birds: Packer, Buddah, Mojo & Scooter and one dog, Ramsey. Today I'll share Ramsey with you. He is a really good and fun dog. The kids would play hide-n-seek with him and throw toys for him to get. Ramsey would go down every night to the basement to check on them before bed. Too cute!!
Parker with Ramsey

Watch for more Michigan Vacation posts...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E if for...

Easton - Our 2nd born. Easton was born on Dec 15, 2001. He was a bit of a surprise for us because with this pregnancy we didn't find out what we were having. He's a very strong willed, independent kid. I like that he's his own person; walks to the beat of his own drum. I just pray that as he gets older he will use his personality for doing good and being a positive example and leader to those around him. He is definitely a little lover and still enjoys hugs and kisses. Easton plays baseball and enjoys school, he started the 3rd grade this year. He also takes after his dad and is very electronic-savvy. I think if we'd let him he'd play an instrument (we just don't have time for everything!) I took this pic of him while we were in Michigan, I love it!

**ABCs disclaimer - As I move through this I realize things I've forgotten and that bothers me. I may have to do a "Version II" next year!!

Michigan Vacation pt1

A couple of weeks ago we set off on our summer vacation to Michigan...let me rephrase that, we 'drove' to Michigan for our summer vacation. Yes, it was a LONG drive but thankfully I was able to sleep most of the way; already looking like a great vaca. I was a little anxious about being in the car with all 3 kids for that long but they did much better than expected, except for the arguing of who was going to sit where. Once that was all decided all was well!! We left OKC at exactly 4am and arrived in East Lansing, Michigan at 9:30pm (I think). Phil has an aunt and uncle that live there so that's where we stayed. Aunt Coeta, otherwise known as Aunt Diva, had some dinner waiting for us but the kids could hardly wait to get their hands on the birds. Well, that's not entirely true. They were a little skittish of them at first but they did want to hear them talk...and talk they did! I can say with pride that their house is louder than ours with 4 birds and 1 dog.

On Sunday the guys played golf early that morning and the rest of us took a day of rest...Aaaahhh!! I desperately needed that since I'd had a headache for two days...not a fun way to start vaca. Later that evening we visited some friends of Gary and Nancy's for dinner. They had a pool and large basement that was filled with pool, pinball, air hockey, a slot machine and TV. That's where Phil and I and the kids spent the whole evening! We've decided we REALLY need a basement like that!! Ha!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Start of Another Year

Today was 'another' First Day of School for my kiddos. They all look so grown up; I can't believe how much they've grown over the summer. Everyone was excited to start and we couldn't have asked (actually we did ask, hehe!) for better teachers. We have been so blessed by God putting great people in our childrens lives. We will be praying for you all!!
Parker, the big 7th grader...first day of Junior High!

On the 'Brink'...

Livie going into 2nd & Easton into 3rd

Livie with Mrs. Glasgow

Easton with Ms. Tumblson

This is going to be a great year!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Letter...

Daisy - This is our dog Daisy. A lot of people are shocked to find out we even have a dog...that's pretty sad! Anyway, while we were on vacation my dad took her to be groomed and she looks like a million bucks. She's actually a very sweet dog, just VERY excitable. I like her coloring and she's very loyal. Any takers?? Ha!! No, seriously!!!

So, that's all I have for the letter "D". We've been away on vaca so I'm behind on my posts. I'll be working to catch up and post vaca pics...we have a lot!!! Whew!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Glimpse Into the Future

Last Saturday Livie was in Taryn & Blake's wedding as the flower girl. She looked so beautiful. I got a little vaclempt when I watched her walk the isle. She's just getting so grown-up. One of these days it will be her in the wedding dress, and I'm sure that time will get here a lot sooner then I'll want. Anyway, she was beautiful, Taryn was beautiful, Blake was beautiful ;), and the wedding was beautiful. Made for a GREAT wedding!!