Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michigan Vacation pt2

Monday we all loaded up and went to Frankenmuth, which is a little German town in Michigan. They have a Christmas store called Bronners, it's known as the World's Largest Christmas Store...and it's pretty big!! Whew! We spent over an hour there then headed into town to eat at Zehnder's. Oh wow, is the food ever good there!! It's German style food fed family style. They bring out huge plates of food that's unlimited! It is SO good! Uncle Ken told us about the last time he ate there...ate so much he was sick afterward. That's not that hard of a thing to do! Luckily we were able to walk some of it off at a huge outlet mall in Birch Run on our way home. One can never get too much shopping in!!
Walking into Bronner's

The kids standing in front of a Gingerbread House

Phil and the boys couldn't resist the giant Christmas balls

Okay, so I feel this is the best time as any to talk about the pets. They were definitely a huge highlight to the trip. The kids had heard about them for a long time and have been asking to visit Ken and Coeta in Michigan. They were very excited when we told them that's where we were going on vacation this year. They have four birds: Packer, Buddah, Mojo & Scooter and one dog, Ramsey. Today I'll share Ramsey with you. He is a really good and fun dog. The kids would play hide-n-seek with him and throw toys for him to get. Ramsey would go down every night to the basement to check on them before bed. Too cute!!
Parker with Ramsey

Watch for more Michigan Vacation posts...

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Becky said...

That store looks amazing and Ramsey is adorable. What kind of dog is he? That face makes me snuggle up to him.

I do take two!! said...

Ahhhhhhh I like Ramsey!!! Too cute! :-)

Shannon Plumb said...

Cool store! Looks like you guys had fun!