Friday, August 27, 2010

Michigan Vacation pt4

Wednesday was a trip into Detroit, it's about an hour and a half drive from East Lansing. Ken and Coeta were awesome to get us tickets to a Detroit Tigers game; they were playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This was Easton and Liv's first experience to a MLB game. It was supposed to rain that day so before the rain came it was extremely hot and muggy! It didn't start raining until about the 7th inning so we were able to see most of the game! Their stadium is fairly new so that was cool to see! Afterward, we drove about 10 minutes to Canada. First time our kids went out of the country, I think they were a little fearful they wouldn't be allowed back in the US...hehe!! We went through a tunnel that ran under the river and it was a little strange. Ken said it actually went under the ground under the river. Windsor, Canada really doesn't have much to see but that's where Uncle Ken is from so we had a great tour guide. He told us a few mobster stories, too cool! We took a few pics and went to the only 'trinkets & trash' store in Windsor. We all brought home a little piece of Canada!!
Grandma, Livie & Easton enjoying some ball game food!

Papa Gary, Parker & Phil

Coeta & Ken...they sat a few rows behind us!

Welcome to Comerica Park

YAY Livie!! One of the Rays coach threw her a ball!!

The kids looking across the river to Detroit from the Canadian side.

Phil and I with Detroit in the background.

What do you guys see??

Great pic of the kids under the flags.

The Gang, minus Coeta

Well, that wraps up another day from our vaca...hope you're enjoying the pics! Only a couple more days left!!

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You got some great pics!

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Too much fun!! WOO HOO!!!