Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Michigan Vacation pt5

Thursday we went to The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. I'm a history buff so I thought this was awesome. This museum has all kinds of things from throughout American History, it's really pretty incredible. I can say that we all enjoyed it.
Liv & Parker is front of the Wiener Mobile

One of the first milk trucks...my Pepaw was a "milk man"

The kids playing in the giant foosball game


I think this is SO funny...Easton is doing a bomb drill from the 1950s


Anyone remember this stuff?

Parker relating Modern Warfare with things of the past...

Yes, that's Easton & Liv in 'jail'

Proof that Livie hugged Parker...so sweet

Livie in front of the 'Cinderella Carriage'

This is the actual car President Kennedy was shot in. The top was put on afterward and several other Presidents still used this car.

We took so many pictures this day...it was really a lot of fun!!

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Becky said...

Ha! I love the bomb drill.