Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blog Re-Design


I finally got my blog redesigned to my summer theme, now that summer is half way over. I think I've mentioned in past posts...that's the way I roll, and I wasn't kidding. Notice still no 4th of July pics posted. BUT...I am planning on it! Ha! Just be patient with me! At least you never know what to expect when ya check out our blog!! Anyway, Phil likes a "clean" blog so I went with white down the middle. I think it looks neat, as in clean, and his comment was, "What about this stuff on the sides?" Well, I compromised!

Really a lot has been going on with our family. Parker has just started his 2nd season of competitive soccer. I guess I am officially a soccer mom. In all honestly, that title should really be given to Phil. I'm sure he would appreciate that! Easton has finally decided to play baseball again. We're all excited about that decision. He beats to the rhythm of his own drum (did I say that right? Oh well!!) and no amount of coercing is going to talk him into doing anything until he's good and ready. Easton seems to be a good ball player, but once again its got to be in his own's quite exhausting. Livie is still in gymnastics. She's the perfect size for it and has picked it up quickly. I love to watch her. Of course for her, she decides everyday she wants to do something different. No way sister!! She's tried other things like dance, cried every class, and soccer, played with her hair the entire time. She's a pretty fast little booger so at some point track may be in her future.

As for me, I really enjoy reading which is humorous to me because I hated it growing up. I'm in a little book club, Shabby Souls, but we don't all read the same book. It's takes the stress out of it for us. We all read different things, or the same if we are inclined, and then get together once a month for dessert and book reviews. We swap out books which also helps cut down on the cost but there are always those books you just have to own for yourself! I still like to scrapbook but I haven't been in a few months...I guess it's good to take a break from the things we love every now and then so we'll continue to enjoy them, huh?!

Phil's business is really taking off. I'm so proud of him. I always knew he would do well. We actually sat in our first business meeting together a couple of weeks ago. It was a little strange. The company I work for is moving into a new office space, TBIP, which is the same company that Buzz Consulting has been competing for their business. I hope that made sense. I think that's going to go well for them but more business is always welcome...(plug for Phil & Ellen and Buzz Consulting Company). Phil really enjoys spending time with his friends and I try to let him as much as possible ;).

The kids start school two weeks from today. Most of you know what kind of rat race that is...ugh. I love summer but I like the schedule that school puts the kids back on. It really takes away some of the choas around the house. So we'll be gathering supplies, for Livie anyway, and getting school clothes bought in the next few weeks! Speaking of summer, we were so blessed with our own "Super Nanny", Taryn Kindrick!! She's been great at entertaining the kids and keeping them in line! I think she even figured out how to call their bluff early on! That's not always easy either. But don't any of you think about stealing her for next summer...we get first dibs!! Ha!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap!!

Friday evening I enjoyed time with some of my closest friends, the Shabby Souls, at our monthly book club meeting! We met at Hawaiian Mikes for the best snow cones in SOKC and then off to Earlywine Park. Great weather, great conversation, great friends...what could be better. I missed all my sista's that couldn't make it, hope to see you next month (if not before).
Afterward, I went to the Deans where Phil and the kids were hanging. We had a good time visiting.

Me, Kelsie, Natalie, Becky, Sarah, & Pam. Nicole took the pic, but she was there!

Saturday, Phil, me and the kids spent ALL day cleaning the house. That is such a huge beat down!! The day we get to hire a maid will be an amazing day for our family, or for me anyway. One day it will happen!! The funny thing about us is we take advantage of our clean house by inviting friends over, and all their kids. I know, crazy huh?!?! Phil cooked out and I think for the first time in his life he burned the wieners...hehe!! You know me, I'm always trying to take pics for proof! Too funny!

We had a great time with the Deans and the Baldwins. A rematch IS in the future! You 'boys' got lucky!

Sunday, we went to lunch with my parent's and met my Granddaddy at Cattlemen's. We had a good time. My b-i-l, Joe, is a manager there. He brought out Lamb Fries as a joke for me and I couldn't stomach them...couldn't even look at'em! I feel a little guilty cause I'm always trying to get my kids to try new things and I wouldn't try them, Parker did! Oh well...movin' on! Ha!
Took a wonderful nap later that afternoon. Definitely one of my favorite things to do. Later that evening we went to eat with Phil's parents and watched Lakeview Terrace. It's a pretty good movie, one that kinda makes you mad though!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Super Sleuth

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook (see left column) then you know I've been on a mission over the last 2-3 days for Coconut M&M's. Here's how this all started...

Earlier this week I was at my favorite grocery store, GFF (12th St & Santa Fe in Moore - plug for Charlie ;)) and noticed by the registers a white M&M display box. Ok, I need to back up one sec...I worked at a candy store for 3 years after high school so I am always intrigued my any new candy. Now back to GFF, I excitedly walked over to the display anticipating what this would be. I looked in and only saw the same'ole plain and peanut M&M's. I looked at the display and it said Coconut M&M's...I LOVE coconut anything. I immediately texted Charlie, owner of GFF, to ask him what's up. He shares in my love for coconut and I was a little surprised he hadn't already let me know about them. His response, which I found humorous, was, "Where'd ya see that at?" Hehe!!! I told him to let me know if he got anymore in. As you can imagine this became my new mission...TO FIND THE COCONUT M&M'S.

I thought, Hey, I'll post on FB and maybe someone will give me heads up on where I can get some. My post has turned out to be pretty funny!! When Phil got home that evening I told him what I posted and he gave me the "are-you-kidding" thing and then I proceeded to tell him I had over 20 comments. Granted some were me responding to comments from other people. Let me tell you all the places I've looked myself - and drug a few friends along too - GFF, Target, several Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Tree, two Walmarts, and a Gas Station--I think that's it, but that's a lot for a stinkin' bag of M&M's.

Okay, so today is Wednesday and still NO M&Ms...HELLO!! This is craziness. My sister tells me she has a partially eaten bag for me but that hasn't surfaced yet!!! We'll see!! Ha!!

For all you guys that have doubted their even existence here's proof...

I promise I'll letcha know when I find'em!! And I can't wait!!! Yum!! Yum!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He Works Hard for the Money...

Parker has been mowing this summer for money which he has been saving for things that he's been wanting. I've been so proud of him, he's been so serious and dedicated to his mission. He calls his grandparents asking if they need their yard mowed. It's been quite humorous at times.
He finally met one of his goals...Yeah, Parker!!!! His dad took him to Sam's last week and he bought an XBOX360. Parker has wanted one of these ever since they came out. Phil and I both hope this will be a good life lesson for him. We already see his ability to make common sense decisions when it comes to money. Before he made his final purchase he put in many hours of research to find the best deal on the XBOX. I'm sure his dad would say he got that from him. Ha!! However he learned it, I just hope the motivation and drive he's had this summer will stay with him throughout his whole life.
Parker, we are SO proud of you!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


For most of you that know me you know that I am a scrapbooker. I enjoy a night out with my girlfriends, chatting away, glittering, adhering, and matching colors to pictures of my family for them to enjoy for years to come. Okay, okay so that's the Snow White version. I do enjoy the satisfaction and occasional praise I get from scrapbooking but a night out with my girlfriends with no kids is FABULOUS. We try to get together at least once a month and the girls that end up going always varies...which makes it interesting. One of these days I'll take some pics of all of us scrapbooking.
The store we really like to crop at is called Whole Lotta Scrap in Norman. They send out a news letter and I loved a piece from it so I wanted to include it on my blog. We are always teasing each other about these things so I found it especially funny!!

You Know You're Addicted to Scrapbooking When...
1. You reach into your purse and your family scatters--they think you're grabbing for your camera!
2. You see something metal lying in a parking lot and go back to pick it up. It turns out to be some kind of pop top from soda can, so you stick it in your pocket, you think, "Yeah, I can run a ribbon through that."
3. You dream in layouts.
4. You know what a Crop-a-dile is.
5. You give your children PJs as a "special" Christmas Eve gift so they will look extra cute for pictures in the morning.
6. You plan your vacations around your favorite background colors.
7. You discover an awesome printed paper and actually dress your children up for pictures in clothes to match the paper.
8. You have ever forgotten to pay the bills because you were so focused on finishing a project.
And my personal favorite...
9. Your husband runs into the kitchen yelling, "I need truck's on fire!" And your first response is, "WAIT! I'll get the camera!"

I must say I am guilty of more of these than I care to admit. I've come to the realization that I will probably NEVER be caught up with the kids albums. But I've also learned that for myself, if I try to keep up with all of it it takes all the joy out of it for me. So, for all you fellow scrapbookers, don't be so serious about your hobby. It truly is a gift from GOD...enjoy it!!
Love you