Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He Works Hard for the Money...

Parker has been mowing this summer for money which he has been saving for things that he's been wanting. I've been so proud of him, he's been so serious and dedicated to his mission. He calls his grandparents asking if they need their yard mowed. It's been quite humorous at times.
He finally met one of his goals...Yeah, Parker!!!! His dad took him to Sam's last week and he bought an XBOX360. Parker has wanted one of these ever since they came out. Phil and I both hope this will be a good life lesson for him. We already see his ability to make common sense decisions when it comes to money. Before he made his final purchase he put in many hours of research to find the best deal on the XBOX. I'm sure his dad would say he got that from him. Ha!! However he learned it, I just hope the motivation and drive he's had this summer will stay with him throughout his whole life.
Parker, we are SO proud of you!!

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