Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Very Besy Spider By Easton Thompson

Once a pon a time thry was a very besy spider. let me tell you abot the spider. One day they was a spider he was bilding a website and a trachula came up and sayed want to go make a web the spider sayed no am bilding a website please get away. But the thrathula did not get away. And so the spider bilt a website on the church coputer. The end

Easton read me this story last night, I LOVED it! He said he wrote it at school because he was bored! He loves to read and I'm finding out that he also enjoys writing. E surprises me all the time! When I asked him if I could put it on our blog he said, "Yes, but what about those words, there, built, computer...?" He wanted me to correct his spelling. I told him I wanted to post it just like he wrote it because that's what made it so cute...he said ok! Love him...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patchin'

Today was the start of our Fall Break and it was definitely Fall weather. Jeana, Kellie and I took the kiddos to eat at Mazzios and to TG Farms in Newcastle. It was a little chilly but all-in-all we had a good time.
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Sassy Sleep Over

Livie had a few friends stay over last night. These girls are some of the best there are; I'd have any of them over anytime!! But, I will say my sweet little girl is, unfortunately, the ring leader of naughtiness!! Yep! I know it's SO hard for you to believe but it's true.
Alyssa, Livie, Aubree, Kennedy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NYC Day 2

**WARNING** Longest Post EVER
I have really been procrastinating this post which is really sad because this was definitely a GREAT day in NYC. I'm worried I won't be able to convey the GREATNESS of the day...but here goes.

First we started out early at the Today Show; we got there about 6:30 and there weren't too many people. They were giving away Mariah Carey fans promoting her new album. Woohoo! We were excited with just that. Soon word spread that she would be making a surprise guest appearance on the show that day!! Man, were we excited. We stood around making friends, trying to stay warm. We met one girl, Gina, and her mom. They were very nice. Gina wanted to have her pic taken with the crazy girl...ME!! Ha! Too funny!! We were having a good time! Her mom bought us lattes to help us stay warm. Jeana and I decided to have our picture taken with the guy that stands outside on the Today Show everyday. I'm sure you've seen him if you watch. Anyway, when you check out the pics it's the one with the 'guy'!! Too funny! Nancy and her boss, John, hung out with us for awhile but had to get back to their conference. Unfortunately, that's when the action started.

Al Roker came out and made his way around the crowd shaking hands with almost everyone. As we were standing there waiting for the action a girl was walking around behind everyone giving out pink t-shirts and Mariah Carey posters. She said she was from the company marketing MC. We were pumped to get a free t-shirt. Anyway, she told our friend Gina she had something else right before she was shooed off by NBC security but that she would be back. WHAT...MORE!!! In the meantime, Al, Meredith, Matt, and Ann all came out and shook hands and filmed more of the show. They were all very nice but Jeana and I thought Meredith and Ann were much prettier in person then they appear on the show. Ann seemed to go out of her way to talk to people...very cordial.

So the girl comes back around after awhile and asks me if we could be available from 1-4, "oh are you a fan of Mariah?" Heck yeah!! So she proceeds to tell me that Mariah is having a signing at Macy's today and wants some of her fans to ride over on her bus with her to the signing. It's not a done deal yet but she would call with details if it's a go. So I give her my name, phone number and age along with Jeana's info. We were totally freaking out. Soon after, Mariah came out on the Today Show and she walked right over to us...the girl two people over apparently knew her and Mariah walked straight to her. You should have heard us...we were screaming MARIAH!!!! It was crazy!! Mariah does her little interview and they rush out and that was about it.

We hung around for just a little longer, well until they took down the Today Show banners. We decided our next stop would be Central Park by way of Subway through Grand Central Station. Jeana and I both loved GSC. I wish we would have looked around a little more. We went into the market in GCS, we were so fascinated at all the fresh foods they had. It was so neat. We both recommend touring GSC if you take a NYC trip. This was our first ride on the Subway and we didn't have our tour guide with us...we were a little nervous, but we did REALLY well! We made it to Central Park, actually with hopes of seeing more famous people, but as far as we knew we didn't see any. CP was very relaxing and ginormous!! We took a break on a park bench and enjoyed the great weather and scenery. Making our way through we decided we should head towards Harold Square (this is where the girl told us we would meet the bus). We did NOT want to miss it. We did some shopping around there and had lunch in a little corner diner. I will say one thing that we're spoiled to in can pretty much find a fast-food restaurant on any corner but in NYC it's all little diners or pubs and you just have to hope the food is good. We did pretty good on the picking though!! While we're eating, my phone rang...EEEK!!! Guess who!!! Oh man! Honestly the whole day we were hoping it would happen but these things just don't seem to pan out or it seemed too good to be true. So when the phone rang we were giddy with excitement! The girl told us to meet the bus no later than 2:15 on 60th and Lexington..."if you aren't there by 2:15 the bus will be gone." It was already 1:30 and since we didn't know exactly where we where going we wanted to get going.

We got on the Subway and it didn't take long for me to realize that the street numbers were getting smaller...GREAT!! Sheesh! So we hopped off and got on the subway over. It took us further downtown until we could get on one that would take us uptown. We finally made it to 59th; by this time is was a little after 2pm. This is where that great advice came in from Day 1 "Locals think places are a lot closer than they really are." A guy on the subway told us it would take us less than 5 minutes to get to Lexington. REALLY???? We RAN at least a mile. We were huffing and puffing when we finally found the bus, at 2:20ish. Envision this in slow-motion; Jeana and I running up to the bus with a huge crowd in front of it, both of us in our twinkie hot-pink Mariah Carey t-shirts, license out about to pounce on the security guy standing outside the bus. We looked like crazed fans!! The security guy says, "Slow down girls, these things never get started on time, you're ok!" Talk about embarrassing. Anyway, he called us Oklahoma after that! Ha! Sorry, we didn't help the reputation of our great state any!! Sheesh!!

Finally the time comes for us to get on the bus. A guy from her crew comes out of the bus and tells the crowd that if you think your name is on the list to line up...HELLO!! Our name was on "The List". Hehe!! So Jeana, me and about 18 other people load into her bus. They have food and drinks for us and MC music blaring. At that point we were just glad to be able to sit down in the A/C and rest. Whew!! We were on the bus for about 2 hours. They made one stop and we could tell Mariah got off because people outside started screaming and the camera flashes were going crazy. We were supposed to ride over to Macy's with her for her new perfume signing. Apparently plans changed because Macy's didn't want us to do that but Jeana and I were often do you get to do what we did?!?! They did take our address but we'll see if they ever send us something.

Sorry for such a long story but it was a CrAzY day...a definitely one we'll never forget! After all that we met Nancy in Times Square for dinner and more shopping. When we got there she called us and said she found the Naked Cowboy...we were cracking up. So of course we had to have our pic made with him. That was funny! We ate at Bubba Gumps and then went into Toys R Us. I think one of the best parts of our trip was all the fun people we met along the way. I guess it pays to be friendly!! Hehe!! Needless to say we were exhausted by the end of the day.

I hope you didn't get too burned out reading my was a difficult one for me to write! If you have questions you can leave them in the comments or just ask!!
Day 3 coming soon...don't worry, it's not this packed full!! Hehe!!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NYC--Day 1

Well, our first day in NYC was more of a day of settling in and becoming acquainted with the general directions of the city. It took us probably 30 extra minutes to find The American Girl store when it was only about 10 minutes from our hotel. We got the best advice from Taunda, a friend I grew up with and now on facebook, "Tip: Never ever ask a local how far something is. They will always say "Oh not too far, you can walk" You will then have to walk at least 3 miles to whatever it is. Take the subway when you can." You don't know how many times this happened to us. In fact, seconds before I got this comment, it happened to us...crazy! That night we decided to have a "free" meal and tag along with Nancy to one of her work functions; it was fun! Afterward, the three of us decided to walk down the street to Barnes & Noble, it was only about 8:30. By the time we got there they were telling everyone it was closing time...WHAT??? Are you kidding!! Doesn't the B&N close in OKC like around 11ish? So we walked around and stumbled into Times Square. Needless to say we were very excited. That really about sums up Day 1...more to come!!