Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear John

Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, is about a young man, John, who grows up with a closed off father which causes a rift between the two. John decides to join the military to get away from his life that seems to be going nowhere. On one of his times of leave he returns home and soon falls in love with a girl, Savannah, who is staying in his home town building Habitat for Humanity homes. Their time together is short but they are both sure they have fallen deeply in love. They both look forward to the end of his duty in 18 months and decide they can hang on while he's away. They write and call regularly, never doubting their love for each other. Towards the end of his time 9-11 happens and he decides to re-enlist, which soon begins putting a strain on their relationship.

Nicholas Sparks is the master of the 21st Century fairy tale and this book is no exception. He has a knack for letting us into the deepest part of characters lives. Dear John is a great love story and how real life can get in the way. I definitely cried when I was done. Nothing can replace true love. I haven't seen the movie yet but this is one I think I'll be renting. If you haven't yet, pick up this book, it's a fast read!!

Happy Reading!

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Becky said...

First of all...I knew you would go for the owl background. Secondly, you must see the movie now that you've read the book.