Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Jam 09

My mom and I took Easton, Olivia and Sawyer to Winter Jam 09 last Thursday. Winter Jam is a concert with several great Christian performers, Stephanie Smith, Francesca Battistelli, NewSong, Brandon Heath, Hawk Nelson, and headliner TobyMac.

This was a crazy night and I'm going to try to do it justice and explain it to you. It started when we got to the Ford Center and the sidewalk was packed. The concert was general admission for $10 so you can imagine the crowds. They finally started letting everyone in at 6pm. As soon as we got in we were in a mad dash to find seats so we went straight for the escalator. We were almost to the top of the escalator when I look up and realize no one was moving. I started to have a mini-panic attack. People were coming up behind us and I was freaking out that Easton and Olivia were going to be crushed...it was that bad. Let me just say there are good people in this world, and I'm talking teenagers specifically, we were surrounded by teenagers and one teen guy was yelling for people to move back to give the little kids room. I was so touched by that. Soon after I heard the emergency switch on the escalator. I decided to go back down and look for another way up.

We finally found a clearing and were walking quickly through the Ford Center. I was holding Easton's hand and looked back at him as he was in tears saying he wanted to go home. He was so overwhelmed with the chaos and probably my focus on getting us a seat. We found seats and got Easton calmed down; he just needed a little mommy lovin'. Once the music started Easton was good, he really enjoys music and concerts (he's already asked me if he can go to another one) and Olivia fell asleep. I'm just glad Sawyer was there. She's always a great help with Olivia and she keeps a level head!!

We heard some great music. I highly recommend a Hawk Nelson or tobyMac concert...great music and lots of energy. By 9:30pm, which is past bedtime, Olivia was whining to go home. So at 10pm we made the decision to leave. Easton was mad and kept saying Olivia ruined the concert. Ha!! My mom and I kept telling him that wasn't true but it was a little funny that he was so mad about it. He said she couldn't go next time!! Here are the few pictures I was able to take. I know I'm not in any of them but I promise I was there.

This is Easton and Grammy soon after we found our seats. Notice Eastons "deer in the headlights" look...

Sawyer and Olivia

Hawk Nelson

tobyMac--Amazing and full of energy!!

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Baroni Family said...

You're so lucky!! We went to Winter Jam one year and saw Hawk nelson, New Song (? i think), Jeremy Camp and Steven Curtis Chapman. Man, you got to see TobyMac...wow! Lucky duck! And, I see it's been moved to the Ford center...we saw it at the b'ball stadium at OU..and the chaos was crazy! I had a panic attack and totally embarrassed myself. i can't imagine if I had one of my kids with me! hope all is well with you! miss ya'll!!