Friday, March 27, 2009

The Bald and the Beautiful

Last night I asked the kids to help me clean the house, specifically for Olivia to clean their bathroom. She was eager to do that for me. She wanted to clean the bathtub and I thought that would be okay. Well, we have a cleaning tool the kids like to use called the ScumBuster. Here is a picture of Livie with the ScumBuster.

How this thing works is it has a button you push and the brush rotates allowing you to clean whatever. Before she ever made it into the bathroom she decided to show us that she could brush her hair with it. About the same time Phil started to tell her not to put it in her hair. Olivia screams as we watch her hair wind up in it. It seemed like I froze and forgot how the ScumBuster worked. As I'm unwinding her hair we looked up and Parker was holding a wad of hair telling me I needed to scrapbook this. I had no idea where he got the hair. Olivia was still crying so I looked at her head and she had about a quarter size chunk of hair missing from above her right ear. Phil was so freaked out he couldn't look at it, and still hasn't.
Here is a picture of her bald spot.

Don't worry!! Olivia was fine after about 3 minutes. She asked for booboo piggy, which is essentially an ice pack, and after that she was up and cleaning again. What a trooper. She was even laughing about it later.

3 Shout Outs:

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Oh my, what a story! At least her hair was scum-free after that incident! =O)

And as I haven't seen your kids in ages, I think it's very cute how much Olivia looks like her mommy!

Becky said...

Holy cow...that is a huge blad spot. I'm so glad you recovered quickly.

Matt & Nicole said...

That is sooo funny! At least it was not on top of her head!!