Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Recap

Well, we made it through our Spring Break with minor bumps in the road. I didn't post much during the week so I thought I would just give you one post with a "week-in-review". Here goes...

-Olivia had Aubree over to spend the night Friday.
-Parker played a soccer game in Mustang on Saturday.
-While at the soccer game our car got sick, luckily Gary & Nancy were there and my parents came to help tow the car home. It ended up being the fuel pump. Thanks to the parents for always being there for us.
-Phil and I took Easton and Olivia to walk the track and then played on the playground afterwards (pics to follow) while Parker stayed home and slept.
-Jake and Lainey stayed the night Monday night.
-We all went to see Race to Witch Mountain Tuesday...Hello Dwayne Johnson!!!
-Easton lost another tooth.
-Easton and Olivia both fell off their bikes multiple times with booboo's to prove it.
-I was able to work from home most of the week...that was a huge blessing.
-Parker started reconnecting with his dog, Daisy!
-Phil hung with the guys to kick off March Madness and watch the OU game while the kids and I ate Freddy's with my parents.
-Easton and Olivia each invested their own money in a Beta fish. Olivia named hers Slurpy and Easton has steadfastly decided not to name his.
-Friday night was date night for Phil and I. We went with the Dean's to The Warren for balcony seats and dinner to see I Love You, Man. Lot's of fun!!
-The kids spent the night with Papa Gary and Grandma Friday and went to see Grandma Zig and then went to Incredible Pizza.
-I ran around Saturday morning with my friend Becky and then scrapbooked Saturday night at Whole Lotta Scrap with Jeana and of my favorite past-times.

Well, that was the Cliff Notes version of our Spring Break. We were lucky that the weather was beautiful and the kids were able to play outside a lot, even though we still had to threaten them to get them out there! Seriously!! I've really been trying to get some projects done around the house and thankfully I have some great friends who not only have offered to help but are pushing me to do them. I'll keep you updated on some and hopefully I'll remember to get before and after pictures on here. Unlike my usual self I didn't take very many pictures last week but here a few I did take so Enjoy!! Love to all!!

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Matt & Nicole said...

WOW, what a week! Why can't I still get a Spring Break? This blows!