Friday, March 6, 2009

Easton's Got the Pukies...

Easton's school called me this afternoon to tell me he was sick and had thrown up. Uh oh!! I called Phil to see where he was and if he would be able to get Easton. He was deep in Norman eating lunch but would be leaving soon. Phil called me after he'd picked Easton up and said that he'd thrown up all over himself on the playground and then two more times while waiting in the office. The school secretary told Phil a lot of kids came down with this during the week.

Once home, Easton got a bath and has been on the couch since. You could set your clock to him, he's thrown up every hour on the half hour. Poor guy!! He's a funny thing when he's sick he wouldn't hardly say two words all day! I sure love this little guy!!

One more thing, Easton missed his Dr. Seuss party today so his friend Alyssa and her mom brought him the goodies from the party. That was so sweet of them. Thanks guys!


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