Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scrapbook Retreat

This past weekend I went to a scrapbook retreat with a few girlfriends, Pam, Becky, Misty, Jana, and Susie. Shannon arrived late Friday evening and was only able to stay for few hours when a family emergency came up, we missed ya ShanCat! Phil stayed home with the kids and from what it sounded like they had a pretty full weekend. Thanks honey for taking care of the kids!!
I should have known how my weekend was going to go but really I feel like I'm generally a positive person. On the way there my nose and throat started itching...not a good sign for me when I take allergy meds on a regular basis. As soon as we set up all our stuff the sneezing hit and DID NOT stop. It was a long night with not a lot of productivity. Pam and Susie took me to Walmart in Weatherford (it's been along time since I've been there--and Pam I still want that dress in the window) to get me some Benadryl. I was desperate for relief. I didn't last very long that night thinking that if I went to bed that would help me. It didn't. My nose was so sucked shut that I hard a hard time breathing through the night. Okay, here is where I tell on myself a little, and yes I'm embarrassed. When I woke up the next morning to take my daily meds I realized that I had not taken my allergy medicine the night before. Did I mention how miserable I was? Ugh!! I'm still not really sure what happened with that, all I can do is blame it on feeling so awful. It's like I couldn't really concentrate on anything. After I took a shower I did feel a little better. We went to breakfast (a whole other story there) and then back to the cropping room. The sneezing and itchiness started again! So I went looking for my "unopened" box of Benadryl I'd bought the night before. Couldn't find it anywhere. What the world!!!!!! Things were not stacking up for me this weekend. After attempting to scrapbook some I decided after lunch to take a nap so I slept for about two hours. When I woke up Pam said she had looked in her room and in her car and with no luck finding the Benadryl. Unbelievable!!! Sunday morning came around and I was feeling better, after I finally got my allergy meds in my body the night before. We packed our room up and of course what did I find...the Benadryl, under the bed where I looked several times with Becky as my witness. That box is still not open BTW. Sunday I FINALLY felt productive but we packed up and headed home about 1:30. I was ready though after not feeling well all weekend.
Here are a couple things I accomplished at the retreat!
This is a baby gift I finally finished for Parker's soccer coach.

Some of you may recognize these pictures...they're of when Olivia cut her own hair December 07. Good times!

I actually was able to get more than this done but I just wanted to give you a taste. I have many more pics developed so there WILL be more to come!

2 Shout Outs:

Becky said...

I can't believe you told on yourself. I was going to keep your secret for you! LOL

Nicole said...

Your the best scrapbooker!