Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Since he was a baby, Easton has always had a thing for ears...his ears, my ears, Phils ears, anyones ears. They've been somewhat of his security blanket and we've always thought it was so sweet.

He's probably going to be an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor...wait, I take that back, he can argue your "ear" off so maybe he'll be a lawyer. Whatever he'll be I'm sure you can find a way to link ears to it somehow.

I'm honoring Easton today with this post and his sweet obsession for ears. We love you E!

He's getting more creative...he can tuck his ear into his ear! Now that's talent!! Hehe!!

2 Shout Outs:

Brian and Shannon Plumb said...

So I am going to admit, I am actually trying to tuck my ear in my ear!:) He's amazing!

Becky said...

I'll never forget holding him when he was little and having him play with my ear. It totally warmed my cockles.