Thursday, May 21, 2009

End of School

The end of school is always a hectic time but there is something about
3 kids + 3 binders full of papers = chaos
We are definitely going to have to come up with a system for next year. I'm not sure how many things the kids have missed or almost missed because a note was mixed in with all the papers. But I think we finally had the straw that broke the camels back this week.

Monday morning was crazy already. Olivia was tired that morning, she cried and whined all morning. In order for me to be able to fix her hair she has to be out of the bath and dressed and ready by 8:15 at the latest. This is nothing new to her. I continually remind her of this and it just makes her more angry. Well, it got later and later and I finally told her I wouldn't be able to fix her hair. She went to school not looking her best and not in her cutest clothes.

Fast forward to 3:45pm. I walk through the door after work and Olivia walks up to me, "Mommy, why didn't you dress me up today? It was my program." WHAT?? Oh, I felt SO awful!! Ugh!! This is one of those "you've-failed-as-a-parent" moments! After I got over the shock and disappointment I apologized to her and told her how awful I felt. Then I got to thinking...she was more concerned about why I didn't dress her up and not "why were you and daddy not there?" Which is kinda funny! Silly girl. Later she dug it in a little more and said a lot of her friends got flowers and she wanted flowers. What do you do with that? I guess I'll have to get her some flowers to make it up to her! One more time, I'm sorry sweet girl! Your mommy and daddy love you very much and are so sorry we missed your kindergarten graduation.

However, we did make it to Easton's 1st grade picnic and awards presentation. We had a nice picnic with his friend Alyssa and her parents. Dad picked up McDonalds and we ate out near the playground. The weather was perfect. I took a couple of pics but I'll have to post them later. Easton got a lot of reading awards. He's our SUPER-READER. He was disappointed that he didn't get the perfect attendance this year. We'll try again next year though! Parker's program is next week so we'll post that later.

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Becky said...

I've been feeling horrible all morning, cause I missed Asthon's awards assembly this morning. I just completely forgot and she even reminded me of it last night. Ugh! Again, another scenario where you and I are too much alike.