Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I got nothin'!! Ha!! I just feel like I haven't posted anything in awhile and I needed to.

Parker has started running track, cross-country. He enjoys it so far and I'm sure when school starts it'll pick up! He goes to practice Mon, Wed and Fri in the mornings right now! That's probably the hardest part since he IS NOT a morning person. Next year junior high will start at 7:30 so he better get used to it! Hehe!!

Easton and Liv are pretty much just hanging out, waiting on the next ball season to start. They both seem to enjoy playing and we enjoy watching! Both are also in a math camp this week. A girl that goes to church with us who is a teacher is holding it and they both seem to enjoy it. Yeah Math...I love math! I hope they get that quirk from my genes. Livie will also be in her first wedding in a couple weeks, you can only imagine how much she's looking forward to that.

I'm still trucking away with my job at TinkerAFB. They're good to me so I can't really complain. I LOVE reading, which is odd since I didn't really enjoy it when I was younger. I think my favorites are historical fiction...but I'll take a stab at almost anything! My 'to read' reading list is long. Something that makes me just as happy is Phil has even picked up reading. Even though we don't necessarily read the same things it's still fun to end the night together with a good book!

Phil's business is still moving along but any new business is ALWAYS welcome. ;) Send all referrals his way!! He also plays softball on Mondays with our church league. He really has a good time and we like to watch him and our friends play!! They're like a bunch of little kids!

We're excited to visit family in a few weeks in Michigan and Arkansas. It'll be a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll have things to post from that!!

Happy Blogging!!

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Nicole said...

I feel the same way...my life is boring and my posts are becoming that way too!

Becky said...

Boring is good sometimes. It'll get busy when school starts again. I've been trying to get Ashton to run track, hopefully she'll pick it up...she really is a good runner.
Tell the guys if they need a fill-in on Monday nights, to give Tony a call. He wanted to join this past season, but didn't get it taken care of.