Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yay MWC Vision!!!

Parker plays on the MWC 98Boys Competitive Soccer team. This team is only in their second year together and they've already experienced several set backs. Last weekend they were in a local tournament, Southlakes Cosmos Cup, which is the league Parker played for before going to MWC. They took 1st Runner-up in the tourney!! Woohoo! This is such a HUGE accomplishment for our team and we are SO proud of them. Check out a few pics and I hope you're able to come out to a game!

Parker receiving his medal.

The team rallys around their trophy!

Parker & Coach Matt Clark

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shabby Souls Blog

Yes, you read right...we now have a blog!! Woohoo! I'm excited to have all the Shabby Soul Girls blog about their reads and what-nots! So check us out!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shabby Souls at The Red Cup

I don't think I can express how much I enjoy my time with my Shabby Soul Sistas! We meet once a month and always look for some place different. We met this past Friday at The Red Cup on 31st and Council. It's a very eclectic little coffee house and we really enjoyed ourselves. We even had a new member, yeah Amy. She fit right in and we loved her!! We missed all our other SS though! Next month is going to be a fun month; we're planning on meeting at Nicole's and if any of you know Nicole she LOVES Halloween and knows how to do it up right! We should have some great pics! For now, I hope you enjoy the pics from the Shabby Souls and The Red Cup!!
Lavender Cake with Lemon Icing--Yummy!!

Thanks for the Bookmarks, Becky!

Always Lovin' a Good Book!!

The Red Cup

Friday, September 18, 2009

God's Sense of Humor

I was driving to work one day this week and I got to thinking about things in my life while talking to God. It occurred to me how ironically some of my prayers have been answered...I chalked it up to God's sense of humor.
Before Parker was born I prayed for a small baby. "God, I did say BABY, right!" Before Easton was born I asked for a baby I could handle. Maybe I should have clarified baby, toddler, kid, tween, and teenager...hmmmm!! I still think God is laughing about that one! Then we have Olivia. When I got pregnant with her (that's a whole other story for another day) I prayed fervently for a girl and I believed with all my heart that God would give me a girl. Well, in all my prayers for a girl I must have missed a few other prayers.

One of the things I love most about being a mommy is seeing the vast differences between all three of my children. I truly love each of them as the individuals they are. God gave me three beautiful children. Our family was not built by accident but with purpose and a plan. I'm thankful that God has made us strong and continues to watch over us...and I pray that He NEVER loses His sense of humor!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Craft Club

Hehe...that makes me giggle a little. I am actually a member of an online blog craft site...A Sassy Affair. For a small fee we get 6-weeks of pre-planned, easy, fun projects and access to the blog. It's really pretty cool. I've never been a part of anything like this and so far it's pretty fun. I have, however, found a mode of stress for me...crafting which I have to make decisions about. Crazy, I know, but if I'm going to spend time on something I want it to turn out and so I worry usually taking some of the enjoyment out of it for me! I guess you could say it's a catch-22. We'll just call this little club my 'therapy'!! Hey, it's cheap therapy! Hehe!!
Here's how it works. We get our projects on Sunday and then we have until the following Saturday to complete and post our projects on the ASA Blog...too fun!! Summer, the blog host, gives weekly prizes to one person that posts their project on the blog. If you're a crafty person or would like to be, beginner to intermediate, this is something you would enjoy.
Okay, so here is my first completed project. It's a wall hanging made with fence posts. We chose a pattern for our mask and the paint colors, this is where I struggled, Ha! I like how it turned out. My friends Becky and Nicole are also in the club and I'm sure they'll post their finished projects on their blogs as well, so check'em out. Watch for more to come!! See ya!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Weekend-pt1

We had a busy weekend this Labor Day holiday, family, friends, vacation...I've decided to do it in two posts.
Friday Brad, Catherine & Amelia came down for the start of OSU football! We took the kids to the park and Grandma Miller went with us. We lasted as long as our allergies would let us. Ugh!! Unfortunately, Phil had to do some work on the 'Green Goblin'. I've always been impressed with Phil's ability to fix just about anything that's broke! Sexy!! Hehe!! Papa Miller and my dad stopped by to help him with the car...thanks guys!!
Saturday was OSU Cowboys day!! We always have a good time tailgating and going to the games. The weather was nice during most of the tailgate but warmed up quite a bit by game time. Nancy, Catherine, me, Amelia and Livie all came home after the tailgate and the boys were able to go to the game. OSU played Georgia and I'm sure by now you know the Cowboys won...Woohoo!!
Monkeying Around

My Little Man


Up to No Good


OSU Cheerleaders in the Making!

Thompson Tailgate

Daddy's Lil'Cowgirl

What can I say?

Look for part2 coming soon!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gargoyle

I finished reading The Gargoyle, a New York Times Bestseller, this past weekend. This is probably the most raw book I've read so far, but at the same time I was fascinated at the Christianity intertwined throughout. Part of it made me aware how much I actually am protected from a lot of the shocking realities of this world. I liked this book and am glad I read it but it is definitely different from anything I have ever read (I think I said the same thing about The Time Travelers Wife). This was the first novel written by Andrew Davidson. What I found to be most intriguing about this book is that it's narrated by the main character whose name is NEVER revealed. For some that might be troubling but I found it to fit in with the tone of the rest of the story.

The Gargoyle is the mesmerizing story of one man's descent into a personal hell and his quest for salvation. On a dark road in the middle of the night, a car plunges into a ravine. The driver survives the crash, but he is confined to the burn ward suffering horrible injuries. There, he does nothing more than plot the suicide he will commit when released. Everything changes when Marianne Engel, a possibly schizophrenic sculptress of grotesques, enters his life. She insists they were lovers in medieval Germany, when he was a mercenary and she was a scribe in the monastery of Engelthal. As she spins the story of their past lives together, the man's disbelief falters; soon, even the impossible can no longer be dismissed.

If you're looking for something different but will also keep you reading, this is it! Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"36"--The Best One Yet

Here is Phil's facebook post, copied straight from FB, "thanks for all the b-day wishes... the best birthday ever!!! 36 aint so bad!!!" From his post I think it's safe to say that we had a GREAT time celebrating this one, we were just missing a few people!
We joined John and Ellen Bebout for dinner at Musashi's, japanese cuisine. None of us had ever been there but we had a great time and the food was D-lish. It was fun to watch Chef Le with his 'weapons' cook up a great feast! Then it was on to Michael Murphy's Dueling Pianos in Bricktown. We'd never been to anything like this so we didn't really know what to expect but it was SO much fun. We laughed all night! Here is a little slide show-recap of our evening.
Happy Birthday Sweetie...I hope you're already thinking how you're gonna top this for my 36th! ;) Love you!!
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Blogging vs Scrapbooking

I get hassled (just a little) by my fellow bloggers that I don't post enough on my blog and I tend to agree with them. I got to thinking today, "Why is that?" And then it hit me...blogging has turned into scrapbooking for me in a lot of ways.

*They are both things I really enjoy.
*I have SO much to tell but don't seem to have the time for it all.
*The further behind I get the less pertinent things seem to become.
*Sometimes I feel like, "Who really reads this anyway?"
*I'm not very good at journaling in scrapbooking or writing posts on my blog.
*Some posts take me so long to prepare I get lost in them and never finish them.
*I read other peoples blog and become discouraged because I'm not as creative...I sometimes feel the same looking at others scrapbooks.

So there you have it...the secret truth to two of my favorite hobby's and why I struggle with them so much! But I promise I will trudge on and not give up!! Thanks to all of you who do read my is VERY encouraging when I've heard you have! Love you!!