Thursday, September 17, 2009

Craft Club

Hehe...that makes me giggle a little. I am actually a member of an online blog craft site...A Sassy Affair. For a small fee we get 6-weeks of pre-planned, easy, fun projects and access to the blog. It's really pretty cool. I've never been a part of anything like this and so far it's pretty fun. I have, however, found a mode of stress for me...crafting which I have to make decisions about. Crazy, I know, but if I'm going to spend time on something I want it to turn out and so I worry usually taking some of the enjoyment out of it for me! I guess you could say it's a catch-22. We'll just call this little club my 'therapy'!! Hey, it's cheap therapy! Hehe!!
Here's how it works. We get our projects on Sunday and then we have until the following Saturday to complete and post our projects on the ASA Blog...too fun!! Summer, the blog host, gives weekly prizes to one person that posts their project on the blog. If you're a crafty person or would like to be, beginner to intermediate, this is something you would enjoy.
Okay, so here is my first completed project. It's a wall hanging made with fence posts. We chose a pattern for our mask and the paint colors, this is where I struggled, Ha! I like how it turned out. My friends Becky and Nicole are also in the club and I'm sure they'll post their finished projects on their blogs as well, so check'em out. Watch for more to come!! See ya!!

4 Shout Outs:

Nicole said...

you & becky are overachievers.....I guess I should start mine huh? heheh
LOVE yours!

Becky said...

I just love how the colors look together. I need this one for my living room.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Looks great!! Love love love the colors you chose!! You are are making me want to go bold and do another!! :)

Newberry said...

I'm impressed! I've always really like the things you've made for Cat, though! I couldn't even begin to do anything like that :)