Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yay MWC Vision!!!

Parker plays on the MWC 98Boys Competitive Soccer team. This team is only in their second year together and they've already experienced several set backs. Last weekend they were in a local tournament, Southlakes Cosmos Cup, which is the league Parker played for before going to MWC. They took 1st Runner-up in the tourney!! Woohoo! This is such a HUGE accomplishment for our team and we are SO proud of them. Check out a few pics and I hope you're able to come out to a game!

Parker receiving his medal.

The team rallys around their trophy!

Parker & Coach Matt Clark

5 Shout Outs:

Becky said...

That is awesome! Congratulations Park!

Newberry said...

Yea, Parker! I love soccer--it's what I played all growing up.

Nicole said...

1. Yay for him!
2. His coach is easy on the eyes!
2. You need a fall layout! ha

Maria said...

Haha, that last comment made me laugh out loud. I agree Nicole! Thanks for sending me your blog link Kelly! Love it! Tell Olivia hi for Ella. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Yes Coach is not to shabby to look at!! ;)