Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Weekend-pt1

We had a busy weekend this Labor Day holiday, family, friends, vacation...I've decided to do it in two posts.
Friday Brad, Catherine & Amelia came down for the start of OSU football! We took the kids to the park and Grandma Miller went with us. We lasted as long as our allergies would let us. Ugh!! Unfortunately, Phil had to do some work on the 'Green Goblin'. I've always been impressed with Phil's ability to fix just about anything that's broke! Sexy!! Hehe!! Papa Miller and my dad stopped by to help him with the car...thanks guys!!
Saturday was OSU Cowboys day!! We always have a good time tailgating and going to the games. The weather was nice during most of the tailgate but warmed up quite a bit by game time. Nancy, Catherine, me, Amelia and Livie all came home after the tailgate and the boys were able to go to the game. OSU played Georgia and I'm sure by now you know the Cowboys won...Woohoo!!
Monkeying Around

My Little Man


Up to No Good


OSU Cheerleaders in the Making!

Thompson Tailgate

Daddy's Lil'Cowgirl

What can I say?

Look for part2 coming soon!!!

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Becky said...

Great pictures! I love the tail-gate bus! Too fun!

Newberry said...

Very cute pictures! I really liked the cheerleading one--typical girls :)