Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogging vs Scrapbooking

I get hassled (just a little) by my fellow bloggers that I don't post enough on my blog and I tend to agree with them. I got to thinking today, "Why is that?" And then it hit me...blogging has turned into scrapbooking for me in a lot of ways.

*They are both things I really enjoy.
*I have SO much to tell but don't seem to have the time for it all.
*The further behind I get the less pertinent things seem to become.
*Sometimes I feel like, "Who really reads this anyway?"
*I'm not very good at journaling in scrapbooking or writing posts on my blog.
*Some posts take me so long to prepare I get lost in them and never finish them.
*I read other peoples blog and become discouraged because I'm not as creative...I sometimes feel the same looking at others scrapbooks.

So there you have it...the secret truth to two of my favorite hobby's and why I struggle with them so much! But I promise I will trudge on and not give up!! Thanks to all of you who do read my is VERY encouraging when I've heard you have! Love you!!

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Becky said...

Please don't give up! I love reading your blog. BTW...great facebook picture.