Friday, April 24, 2009

In Honor of Earth Day...

You guys are going to get used to me being late on's just how I roll. Usually things just sneak up on me and by the time I get an idea the day has passed.

Even though Earth Day 2009 has officially passed it's never too late to take care of the world God has blessed us with. I want to honor the person in my life that demonstrates that the mom!!

We tease her a lot because she is constantly getting after us to recycle things, picking up behind us, and at times getting things out of the trash that we've thrown away...sometimes we do that on purpose!! Hehe!! It's all in good fun but she truly is going above and beyond most people to keep God's earth beautiful.

I took some pictures of her and my dad in action...
I thought this was so pretty. This is what you'll find as you walk up to their porch. It's only one of many things they've planted. My parents are always out in the yard and really do enjoy gardening...even though my dad would say he didn't!! Ha!!

I laugh at my mom because she has a fetish with dishes...I tell her she has "dish-ues". Here is one more bowl she has added to her collection. It is actually called the Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl. She uses this to put her recyclable food. I remember when she bought it, she was so excited. We're a lot alike in that way, we get excited over simple things.

Every couple days they take the bowl to the backyard where they have a compost. The kids like to help with this and it's a great thing for them to learn. As you can see from Livie's expression it doesn't have the greatest smell!

Here's a closer look inside...

Then my dad has to get in there every few days and "stir" it up.

And over time, out from the bottom... get soil! Pretty cool. I'm needin some of that in my flower bed so I'm hoping dad will wheel barrow some on over to my house

Okay, so I couldn't do a post like this without adding a pic of moms famous oak tree in her back yard. Dad and Phil are always threatening to cut the branches but as you can see it really is a beautiful tree. You stand your ground mom!! Love you!

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Baroni Family said...

Don't knock the GB ("garbage bowl")! I got one for christmas, and LOVE it!! Ha Ha!