Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Made with Love From Papa

I know, this is my second post today. The ironic part of it is I hardly get 2 posts in 1 week. Papa Gary made the kids new shelves for their rooms. They were so excited. Parker got his last week and Easton and Olivia got theirs tonight. Gary and Nancy came over tonight to hang them. Phil went into Olivia's room later, after Olivia was asleep, and she had already decorated it. So I decided to show off their shelves and Papa's great workmanship. Thanks Papa and Grandma for the shelves!!!

Parker's Shelf

Easton's Shelf

Olivia's Shelf

2 Shout Outs:

Becky said...

How neat! He is such a handy papa.

Jeana said...

How cute!! DOn't you just love that...the kids have shelves made by my grandpa and I will keep them forever. They mean so much because you know it's made with LOVE!!! :-)