Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Little Gymnast

Olivia started gymnastics at a new gym Monday, Star Gymnastics. She was so excited, that's all she talked about all weekend. Her BFF Aubree is in the same class. I think it'll be good; they'll push each other. I took a couple of pics...I'll try to get more later. We'll need to record her progress for her Olympic debut...hehe!!

Olivia and Aubree in their matching leotards. The funny thing is they weren't together when we bought them and didn't know the other one had it. Too cute!!

The girls stretching!!

Olivia perfecting her back-bend!! You go girl!!

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Jeana said...

Look at those cuties!!!! :-) It's so funny that you said that about them being in the same class...I thought the exact same thing when Aub came home last night and practiced!! Olympics here we come, HA!!