Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Year in Review

Every year is always full of surprises and usually never goes like planned. We quit trying to plan and just see where God takes us; he has never let us down!

1. All the kids started all day public school. I really felt like this was a milestone in my life.
2. I (Kelly) had my Chesapeake career that lasted all of about 2 months. Wasn't for me.
3. I got a job at LSI/Shipley Assoc. with perfect hours for me and my family...9am-3:15pm.
4. Phil quit his job at the bank of almost 6 years and started Buzz Consulting Company...anyone need their computers fixed?
5. Parker started playing competitive soccer in MWC.
6. Easton broke his arm.
7. I coached Easton and Olivia's soccer team...The Lightning.
8. Parker won an award for his Science Fair Project and gets to advance to the district level.
9. Parker cut his long hair.
10. I changed my hair color to a dark reddish brown.

Okay, so some things are a bigger deal than others. We are just thankful for good health, family and friends. We look forward to what 2009 will bring.

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