Wednesday, December 2, 2009

30 Days of Blogging

My Super-Cool friend Shannon has inspired me to take on a challenge. She too has a blog, A Plumb Crazy Life, and I don't think she would mind me saying that she was not a 'regular' blogger. So she decided to challenge herself to 30 days of straight blogging. Yesterday was her 30th day and she did it...YAY ShanCat!!! Since I have been less than dedicated to my blog lately I decided to take on her challenge, maybe inspired is a better word. Truth be told I was going to start yesterday since it was the first of December and go the whole month but that didn't happen. Hehe! I know, it looks like I'm already getting off on a bad start but you just watch...and read!!

3 Shout Outs:

Becky said...

You can do it!

Shannon Plumb said...

Go KelDog! (My new nickname for you!) Excited for the next 29 days!

Jeana said...

If you can do it, I will start the day you end...WOO HOO!!!