Thursday, December 3, 2009

OK Capital Tree Lighting

Tuesday night was the annual Oklahoma State Capital Tree Lighting Ceremony. Governor Brad Henry invites first grades from all over the metro area to come and be a part of this 'festive' event and I use the word festive very loosely! It's more like a 'chaotic' event.
Here's how this works, each class gets a 4-ft tree to decorate, the Governor, First Lady and Santa, along with their entourage, come around to each school for a photo opp, then everyone makes their way down for the actual Tree Lighting Ceremony. I wish I knew how many schools participated but there were 4 floors full of kids, teachers, and their families, oh and media. We went last year with Easton's class. We arrived early, stood around forever and then went down for the Tree Lighting, which by the way was not really appropriate for a bunch of elementary kids. The Governor and someone else gave some speeches and then the tree was lit!! Sounds cool but honestly we couldn't really even see the tree very well, and we actually had good seats.
Okay, so I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot but I was truly excited about going last year until I got the beat down of the year...ugh!! This year we decided to do things a little differently. We got there right when things were supposed to start, 4:30, but we forgot to take into account the security line we'd have to wait in. We made it to Livie's class tree at 4:39, the Governor and his group were already there for the photo opp!! REALLY!!! I threw Livie into the picture and ran in front of everyone to at least try and get a decent picture!! Yes, I'm that mom!! Mrs. Dorran, Liv's teacher, said we were the Governor's first stop, figures! After that we let Livie hang out with some of her friends for a little bit and get a few pics and then we were ready to go!!
I guess I wouldn't discourage people from going but just be forewarned that it is pure madness!!!
Just in time...

Olivia with Mrs. Dorran

Olivia, Alyssa & Audrey

Olivia showing off the ornamnent she made for the tree

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Becky said...

Livie is so cute!

Shannon Plumb said...

That sounds stressful!:)