Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mojo Takes Third

Last night Olivia had her awards ceremony for softball. Mojo, the team she plays for, took third, which is pretty impressive considering NONE of the girls on the team had ever played ball before. I'd say we've got ourselves a pretty good little team. The progress they've made since the beginning of the year is amazing. Phil and Justin help coach the team...I'm sure that's the reason for their success!! Here are some pics of my cute little ball player!!
The girls with the Mojo sign waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Livie & Karli

Brought to you by the number 19!!

Lining up for Trophies!

Livie receiving her trophy from coach Denny.

Hey Mom!! Look what I got!

The team with their trophies! Way to go, Mojo!!

Livie & Kennedy


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Becky said...

She is A-dorable in her uniform!