Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Cheerleading a Sport???

I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack for this post...one way or another. There is a case being decided this week in Connecticut to determine if cheerleading is a sport or not. My obvious opinion is YES!!! I cheered in junior high and high school and let me say we worked out butts off just as hard as the next 'sport'. We practiced everyday for the first month in the summer to get ready for cheer camp, which is all outside in the scorching heat. Cheer camp was a means to learn things but ultimately a competition, not only for the school but individual cheerleaders as well. We also started practice about a month before school started back in the fall. According to an article on Foxnews, an activity can be considered a sport under Title IX if it meets specific criteria. It must have coaches, practices, competitions during a defined season, and a governing organization. The activity also must have competition as its primary goal -- not merely the support of other athletic teams. Title IX is the 1972 federal law that mandates equal opportunities for men and women in athletics. If we're going by this definition, cheerleading is definitely a sport. And NO, it doesn't say anything about using a ball!! Click here to see the full article.
I'll have to post a cheer pic of me later!! Ha!!

Let me know what you think!!!

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Shannon Plumb said...

Ever since I saw a cheerleader get her teeth knocked out when catching a flier while managing to complete her routine, I think cheerleading is def a sport!

(BTW did you know I was a cheerleader in jr high?!?!? Those are pictures you will NEVER see!:))

Becky said...

Cheerleading IS a sport! I did it through JH, HS and my first semester in college! It is the most dangerous sports for teenage girls...btw! Let me know what the court case decision ends up being.