Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm about to share with you a few of my weaknesses, not EVER to be used as blackmail, coercion or ridicule. When I was a little girl I can remember my Uncle Clint leaving shopping money for me and my sister before one of his many early Saturday golf games. Sissy, my aunt, would take us shopping every, and I do mean every, weekend. It's really one of my biggest memories as a child. Anyway, I would undoubtedly use my money for paper, crayons, markers, coloring books...pretty much any kind of pens and paper (weakness #1)!

Well, this little hobby has spilled over into my adulthood. I'm a big crafter (weakness #2), stamper, scrapbooker, and with all these hobbies comes more pens and paper. For me, going into any kind of store that sells this is like Heaven on Earth...I could linger for hours, and spend a little too ;). Unfortunately, all of these little hobbies are catching up with me or maybe I should say taking over!!

When Phil and I built our house in 2000, we had them convert what was supposed to be the back porch into an office. Phil has always done a lot of work from home and I, well, like to craft. We thought we had the perfect plan. Like I said earlier, my hobby started to overtake me...and the office. Well, I have officially had enough!!! I'm so tired of the mess we call an office. We've had plans to move all my stuff into the little nook in our room but that just hasn't happened yet. Cleaning out our office is going to be a major undertaking and cleaning is not my forte (weakness #3). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a clean house but not if I'm the one who has to do it...let's just say a house of five is not easily maintained.

So, here is my dilemma...please don't shudder as you take a look at the following pictures. Note: this is only my half of the office, I didn't take pics of the other side. I wanted to spare you some of the chaos.

You might be wondering why I'm posting this. I'm hoping this will give me motivation and accountability. I am also looking for organizing suggestions. Please send me what ya got!! Donations accepted, LOL!!

4 Shout Outs:

Maria said...

You have no idea how exciting that looks to me! Ha! I'm such a nerd. I get a kick out of cleaning and organizing. If you want some help, let me know! Also, IKEA has some great containers that could help!

Becky said...

I've told you I would help!!! The first thing you need to do is make a keep pile and a throw out pile. Then go from there. Just think of Clean Sweep...I used to love that show.

Catherine T said...

Take some measurements and we will go to The Container Store and Ikea this weekend. And be ready to spend some cash. I agree with Becky too. Decide what you will never use, haven't used in a long time, and can live without and GET RID OF IT!!

I do take two!! said...

I agree with all the above!! I love you and YOU CAN DO THIS!!! WOO HOO!!! If you need all of us cleaners (HA) to come help just say the word sister!!! :-)
BTW I love the pics! That room always cracks me up!! And I do understand chaos and tiny spaces!!
Can't wait to see the finished product!!