Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthdays at Pops!

Our family has three birthdays in August and they're pretty close together, Erin, my sister's is the 17th, Joe's, my b-i-l, is the 21st, and Phil's is the 28th. We try to have dinner one night during the month to celebrate all the birthdays. This year someone made the decision to go to POPS out in Arcadia. If you're up for a little drive this is a pretty fun place. We went last Tuesday, it wasn't busy and we had no trouble getting a place to sit. The kids were amazed by all the different kinds of sodas. Unfortunately for me, I'm taking some meds that make anything carbonated taste nasty so I wasn't able to enjoy that part, but the rest was fun!
Happy Birthday Phil, Erin & Joe!
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Becky said...

Man, I still haven't been there. We have to plan another Shabby Souls outing for Pop's!
I love the picture with Parker's halo! Totally awesome!