Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Vacation

The kids and I went with Nancy to visit Brad, Catherine and Amelia in Frisco last weekend. We got there Saturday at 3:30pm and left Sunday about 5pm; that was our summer vacation. It's kind of like driving through a small town; you better take a picture otherwise you might miss it. Good thing I got a few! We had a good time spending Saturday in the pool. Brad grilled out hamburgers and we just relaxed all evening. Sunday we went to church. Nancy had made Amelia and Olivia matching dresses; they looked like sisters. Afterwards Catherine, Parker and me went shopping. I was able to get some school clothes for the kids. We looked for shoes for Parker but the older he gets the more expensive his taste gets. Sheesh! And I still have two more after him. The highlight for the kids is always getting to take a bath in their big whirlpool bath...who cares about the brand new pool?!?! Nothing too crazy happened...I know that's hard to believe. Enjoy the pics and I'll be back soon!

I forgot to mention, the kids had their first taste of homemade Zucchini Bread that Catherine was delicious!! YUMMY!!!!! Here are pics of their first do you think they liked it?

Okay, I can't talk about the weekend unless I show you the sweetest pic!! My little Easton can be the sweetest thing ever. He's my little lover...and apparently Amelias too!! I guess I'll share with her.

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