Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gimme' a Break!

The only one of our kids that hasn't broken a bone was Easton, which I always thought was ironic, until now. The funny, or not-so-funny, thing about my kids is there is always a crazy story that goes along with their breaks. Easton's isn't quite as dramatic as the other two...well here's the story.
The kids had a carnival at the Y a week before school started. Easton was jumping in a moon bounce and fell on his arm. He was really crying from it so the Y counselor called me around 3pm. It's sometimes hard to tell if your kids are being dramatic or if it's legit. I got off work at 3:30 and picked them up. By this time he had stopped crying so we decided to wait it out a bit to see how he did. Oh yeah, this was the same day as the kids slumber party. We figured if anything this would let us know if he was seriously injured. He ended up babying his arm all night and complaing some about it. He also woke in the middle of the night crying that his arm was hurt. Phil and I decided to take him to the Bone & Joint Hospital Friday morning. After all the crazy stuff that's happened in the past we were hoping this would be a one stop trip. Ha!! That's funny!! They x-rayed his arm and yep it was broke. A doctor was not there, only the PA, so all we got was a sling, a CD with his x-ray, and a business card of a doctor we could go see. Easton was not very happy about having to wear the sling (you'll have to ask Phil for details). He threw the biggest fit because the sling made him look "dumb". I guess Parker felt sorry for him because he ironed Easton's name onto it and Easton was fine with it after that. We weren't able to see another doctor until the following Tuesday. He gave us a wrap and said the break was too high up his arm to cast; the only thing we could do was keep it wrapped(that's the craziness of E's break). Does he have any children, better yet a 6 yr old BOY?!?! Needless to say I was a little nervous about that.
Well, we go back to the doctor tomorrow...hopefully Easton hasn't done anymore damage to it. Say a prayer!! If there is anything more to tell after tomorrow I'll try to get on and let you know!!
BTW, this was not the break I wanted!!

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