Friday, August 1, 2008


Ok, I was reprimanded by the blog expert...hehe...that I didn't blog enough!! Which I guess she's right! By the way, this "expert" doesn't even have her own blog but she can tell you A LOT about other people's! Ha!! What's that called again? A blog stalker? Hmmm! It's all in love!!

So here I go...

Olivia is going to kill me but I think it is so funny...and typical drama-girl behavior. This is a typical morning at the Thompson home; Phil gets the kids up and makes them breakfast and packs their lunches every day. On this day Liv wanted a pop tart (Exhibit A).

Does anything look wrong with this to you? Looks pretty yummy to me! Well, if you look really closely you might notice a couple of cracks down the middle (you probably need the magnifying glass). Needless to say, Olivia noticed it. "IT'S BROKEN!!" ,was her hysterical response. I snapped a few pics of her reaction, she didn't like that too well!! Hehe!!--future blackmail!!

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