Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wishing Well

A few months ago some of the college kids presented our church with a charitable organization called Wishing Well.  I was really touched and inspired by the video and information they presented.  I pulled this off the Wishing Well website...

According to the United Nations there are still 884 million people who lack access to an improved water source. More than two billion who still lack access to basic sanitation. Unclean water is responsible for millions of deaths a year and 80 percent of all diseases. What's more, people in the developing world can easily spend 4-5 hours a day walking just to get polluted water. This lost time accounts for 443 million school days missed by children every year. Over half of the world's hospital beds are filled with those stricken by water borne illness. People need clean water to be healthy and happy. Clean water is the first step of development. Once a community has reliable water they can begin to pull themselves out of poverty.

One dollar can give someone in a developing country clean water for year.

Wishing Well: Water for the World empowers students to transform their world by bringing clean water to those in need.

Some time later they showed the same video to the kids in the church.  Easton, my 9yr old, was very interested in the video.  He talked about it for a while afterward.  I think God was nudging him.  After going to the book fair at the kids school last night, I still feel God is directing Easton.  He chose to buy a book called A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.  This book is based on a true story about two people whose lives cross paths...Nya's life in 2008 revolves around water. She spends eight hours a day walking to and from a pond. In the dry season, her family must uproot themselves and relocate to the dry lake bed where they dig in the mud until water eventually trickles out.

I'm excited to read this book.  It's not a large book and I think it will be a quick read. 

I want to look for ways I can get involved with Easton in this mission and to develop his interest. You can visit the website if you're interested or want to make a donation.

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