Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deals, Deals, Deals!!!

Some people may find this hard to believe (my DH) but I love a deal.  Let me clarify, I love a deal that doesn't require me to go digging through a bunch of random and unmatched items...aka Ross!!  Sorry all you Ross lovers.  I like deals that are pretty much handed to me!!  That's the best kind, right?!?!  So I have 'subscribed' to several of these Daily Deal sites and let me just say, I've gotten some really great deals!! 

My introduction into the deal world was with Groupon.  I've actually bought several deals from Groupon and never had a probelm redeeming them.  Next I tried out Living Social.  I bought todays deal...thinking about getting some 'personal' business cards!  All mom's need them, right?!?!  Well, today I ran across a new one...GroopDealz.  Since today is my first day on this site I'm not sure how good the deals are.  One more that I've started trying out is Eversave.  This is another fairly new one for me as well.  Something I really like about Groupon and Living Social is you can download an app for your phone, pull up your deal at the business, and BAM!!!  you can use the deal.  No more forgetting coupons at home or losing them.  I HEART that part!! 

There are probably a ton of other sites like these, if you know of any I'd love for you to send them to me!

Happy Saving :) !!!!

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Becky said...

I love and have bought from everyone of those. Groopdealz is new to me, I've bought from them twice. It is hit or miss with them.