Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds

I do a lot of window shopping on the internet. I love to see what crafts people are making, room makeovers, decorating ideas...really just about anything. In honor of the great stuff I find I thought I'd start a blogment called Friday Finds. This could be anything from blog posts to store items...really anything!

So here goes...I hope you enjoy!

1. Jimmy Pickles
First, who couldn't love the name of this store, Jimmy Pickles? Too fun! I love all things bright and 'pursy'. There are too many things on this sight that I want. Let me know what your fav'll probably be more then one!

2. Crafty Girls Workshop
These rolled flowers are everywhere. My m-i-l took a stab at making them and did a great job. I want to make Livie a headband and these necklaces are fabulous. Check out the instructions.

3. Lemon Tree Creations
I know several of you look at this blog already but I thought this was such a neat idea. If you're anything like me you've got a lot of empty picture frames sitting around your house with no pictures in them...I know, sad!! This is a great way to showcase art and fill a big space on a wall. I like that you can make it your own style with color and designs of frames.

4. eighteen25
I love Valentines Day. I should have made it a mandatory holiday in my house...maybe I will. I love going to Target and walking through the Valentine isle. Pink and Red together make me happy. Having 2 kiddos still in elementary school I always want to make their Valentine cards, but seldom do. Here are some great ideas. It's gonna be hard to decide which I like the best. Stay tuned to see which wins out!

I hope you enjoyed my first 'blogment' of Friday Finds.

Happy Weekend!!

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Tammy Glasgow said...

I am really liking your Friday Finds!! Keep doing that while I am busy teaching your daughter! That way I can check out your blog when I get home Friday evening!! I, too, love the fabric flowers and have been making different variations like crazy!! I can't wait to see Livie with a cute one in her hair!!