Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy

Olivia lost a tooth this weekend, her 6th. She decided to leave the Tooth Fairy a note. Phil went in her room before bed, saw her note and made a copy of it. It's things like this that make parenting so fun!!

Liv was a little disappointed the Tooth Fairy didn't leave her a note, but we decided the pen was probably too heavy for the TF to lift ;)!!!
Maybe next time Liv!!

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Jeana said...

VERY cute...she MAY have gotten the note idea from Aub...she writes everyone notes...santa, tooth fairy, me, megs, papa, bro, CoCo and the list goes on and on, we have so many "Aub notes" floating around our house...I think when Liv was over she wrote Liv a few notes too...hehe!!

Love the note...VERY cute!! :-)