Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Honduras, Tooth Fairy & Other Summer Happenings

Phil left the house this morning at 3am for his annual Honduras Mission Trip with our church youth group. Every year he asks me when I'm going with him and I tell him that's not where God wants me to serve. Really, I hope I'm not just being a Jonah and running the other way. Ha! I'm one of those "girly-girls" that would rather go and play with the local kids or delegate the work...if you get my drift, not that I'm afraid of a little hard work! I suppose at some point I'm going to have to break since we've got three kids on their way into the youth group. Sheesh...I should probably start praying now!! Phil texted me about 8:56am to say their plane was pushing off from the Houston airport so they are officially on their way. A group of about 43 from our church will be there until Wed, June 14 so please send up lots of prayers.

Now on to the Tooth Fairy...should that even be capitalized? Ha!! Ok, I need to give a little confession here. As Phil and I lay in the bed early Monday morning (see previous post)realizing the "tooth fairy" had not made it to see Livie we had to admit the TF at our house sucked. Our poor kids! I can't tell you how many times we had to tell them something must have happened for the TF not to make it to our house! Pathetic I know, but when that money was finally there everything was quickly forgotten.

We decided to buy a water park pass this summer since I'm off on Mondays. Not only that but the kids will be able to go with Taryn too, she's our nanny! We hired Taryn to keep the kids this summer and they all really like her. Honestly, I'm more worried about them driving her crazy but I think so far they're doing pretty good! Parker bought himself a White Water pass with his lawn mowing money; he and Jake can go hang out there. Also, Parker will be going to church camp in a couple of weeks for the first time. Sawyer is going too and I tease her about her kitty cries at night. She doesn't stay away from home much and the last time she stayed at our house I could hear little kitty cries from the other side of the house so I had to take her to my moms house. I think they both will have a blast but we did tell Parker we would NOT come pick him up, so be better suck it up!

We're still trying to figure out if Easton wants to sign up for football in July. He says no but that's his answer for everything. We'll probably go ahead and sign him up and let him play one season to see how he likes it. I'm excited. Tiny E on the football field...for those of you that really know E you know how potentially funny that will be! But if football doesn't work out we'd really like to put him back in baseball...that kid has some skills!!

Happy Summer...more to come!!

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Becky said...

I've told Quinn that same thing about church camp..."suck it up cuase I'm not comin' to get you". We'll have to tell the boys to lean on each other...ha!

BTW...our TF sucks too!