Thursday, November 20, 2008

OKC Thunder

We went to our first OKC Thunder game Monday night with a group from our chuch. The atmosphere was very energetic and we had a great time. I think Easton might have enjoyed it the most. He made a sign to hold up, he got an OKC Thunder tattoo (temporary), he kept yelling at the camera men so he could get on tv, and he danced and cheered to all the music. He was a lot of fun to watch. The only thing he didn't get that he wanted was to see the Thunder Girls close up!! I'm sure it made his dad proud!!

Olivia with her "tat"

Our church family--I'm not sure how we got the seats in front of all of them...the kids were part of the entertainment!!

Parker with his Peeps...

Easton, Olivia and Aubree watching the game

This is my favorite picture! It pretty much sums up the night!!

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