Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

I know this concert was almost 2 weeks ago and I'm just getting this posted.  Better late then never...I guess it could be even later!!  Ha!! 
Jeana and I surprised Liv and Aub with Taylor Swift concert tickets.  Let me just say that I am a BIG TS fan now!!  Ha!!  Her concert was amazing, and of course her songs are all good!! 
We had shirts made for the girls to wear...they looked so stinkin' cute!! 


 The girls holding up their best TS sign!!  Goin' gangsta!!  Ha!! 

Look who we found!?!?  It's Alyssa!!  :)

Taylor in action!!

She was sitting at this tree that was right in front of us! 

I think she was looking at us!  ;)

We had a really good time at the concert.  I did, however, learn that Liv will NOT be a late night partier, which is perfectly fine with me!  It got close to 10:00 and she was shuttin'er down!!  Takes after her momma like that!  :)
Nighty night!!

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Becky said...

Adorable. Love their matching shirts.