Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Annual Oakcrest Christmas Program

This year our church had its first ever Christmas Program. Some of the adults and children sang a contemporary collection of Christmas music. It was really beautiful. They performed it Friday evening and during Sunday morning worship. We had several people representing our mom, Easton, Olivia, and Sawyer. They all did a really good job. Easton had a verse to read~~He Rocked!! Olivia, well there's always a story that goes along with one of my kids and it's her this time. Apparently while they were warming up Olivia started having a fight with her panty hose. My mom was back with her not sure if she would go out and perform. Well, we got her out there and she was miserable. I have some video of'll have to check it out. She finally came around the second half. Easton is the performer in the family. He is very into what he's doing!! Papa Jim bribed Livie for the Sunday program...$10 if she could stand still and sing. She came through but couldn't wait to get her hands on that money!! Ha!! Here are a few pics; I'll have to post the video tomorrow...Enjoy!!!

Liv & Aub--Beautiful Girls

Notice Olivia...

Easton giving his speaking part! He did so good!

Olivia and Easton

Easton's friend Alyssa came to watch him on Friday!

Representing the Family!!

This is the girls for the Sunday performance. Notice Liv's dress, Nancy made it...Beautiful!!

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