Sunday, October 19, 2008


Do you ever look back on your life and realize there was something different you should have done? Like you made the wrong decision somewhere and the choice you should have made becomes clear? Well, I think I probably should have gone to OSU! I have always enjoyed going to Stillwater...even in high school attending cheer clinic. I love the college town atmosphere and Stillwater seemed just close enough and at the same time just far enough away from Mom & Dad! As a junior I went there for student orientation and it just felt natural. Most of you know my decision for college was totally driven by where Phil was...that wasn't a smart choice. Needless to say, that's the choice I made and I can't dwell on the past.
So for now, I totally enjoy going to Stillwater on game days for tailgating and the game, if I'm lucky enough to have a ticket. Phil and I got to spend most of the weekend there and we had a great time. Gary and Nancy took the kids with them to Houston and gave us their tickets to the game. THANK YOU SO MUCH GARY & NANCY! We love you!! I think our weekend together without the kids gave us a much needed recharge in our marriage and a reminder of the importance of time spent together. We missed the kids but we had a good time.
Here is a pic I took at the game. I took it with my Blackberry and think it came out pretty good. For my next purchase though I want a camera I can carry in my purse. Phil says it's a "girl" thing! Hehe!!

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Abbie H. said...

That's a cute picture of you guys!

Love the new hair-do!